About Me

My name is Andres Castillo and I am a freelance web and iOS developer in San Sebastián-Donostia, Spain. I am passionate about working with different technologies to create beautiful and efficient solutions. I am currently looking for new job opportunities in an environment where I have to adapt, challenge myself and work with people.


I am currently learning Swift and Node.js

  • Ruby

    I first learned Ruby by solving algorithms. Later on I learned Sinatra to have a solid understanding of RESTful routes so then I could soak myself into Ruby on Rails.

  • iOS

    I have worked with Xcode and Objective-C. With team effort we have an App in the Apple Store that was first launched with Testflight. I am in the process of cooking another App in Swift that I want to ship soon!

  • Git Workflow

    Worked on many group projects implementing a solid workflow. It is important that the entire team is on the same page and in constant communication, and I mean every 5 minutes.

  • Test Driven Development

    If it does not have tests... it sucks. I learned TDD with RSpec for Ruby and Jasmine for JavaScript. Let's make those tests go GREEN! I am working on mastering tests for iOS.

  • SQL

    Oh man! I love querying that database. I have worked with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite. Looking forward to MongoDB and NoSQL.

  • Agile

    I am a HUGE fan of Agile where adaptation, changes and improvements make the team move quickly and easily.

  • JavaScript

    My first encounter was playing with the DOM in Vanilla JS... and then I met JQuery. Next was OOJS, AJAX calls followed by callbacks and promises. I touched Angular.js a little bit and look forward to playing around with Famo.us

  • HTML5 & CSS3

    Positioning seems trivial but we have been using it wrong all this time! Atomic CSS is a class pattern I implemented in a recent project and it went smoothly! Oh and using a debugger class to border your DOM elements and tell you where each element is placed is KEY.


Corporate Quoting/Budgeting tool

A simple Quoting/Budgeting tool for companies that have franchises around the world.

Tech Stack:
| PostgreSQL | Ruby On Rails | jQuery | HTML5 + CSS3 |

Key features:

  • Quote in real-time with foreign exchange rates and currency conversion (fixer.io API).
  • Keep all your clients, franchises and products in one place.
  • Create quotes from and to any client in the world in just seconds.
  • Email directly quotes in PDF format to your clients.

Role: developer, Q&A, test engineer.

Want to check out the project? Just ask for crendentials.


SCENE connects businesses with local artists to make boring workspaces more interesting.

Fully functional CRUD app built in 6 days in Rails and Javascript. Applied vertical slicing for implementing Google maps API to find local artists, Angular.js, Bootstrap, lightbox, and paperclip.

Role: developed all Maps functionality, RESTful routes, Schema Design, Google Maps API, Rails asset pipeline, Atomic CSS.

iOS GIF Engine

iOS app for searching and sharing GIFs thru iMessage, Facebook, Twitter and to make those corporate email's more fun!

We utilized the Giphy API with queue controlled and asynchronous network requests and caching to make the GIFs load faster.

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